International Conference on Climate Change 2013

Climate Change, Sustainable Intensification and Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa
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Conference Program

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Session Presentations

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Session I: Changing Climate, Soil Degradation and Food Security in Sub-Saharan Africa

    Keynote Speaker: Rattan Lal
    Panel Presenters: Lukman Mulumba • Ambachew DemessieNyambilila Amuri

Session II: Ecoregions/Biomes of Sub-Saharan Africa

    Keynote Speaker: Abraham Goldman
    Panel Presenters: Method KilasaraDaniel MengistuYazidhi Bamutaze

Session III: Land Use and Farming Systems in Africa

    Keynote Speaker: Jeffrey Herrick
    Panel Presenters: Kennedy WereNtengua MdoePeter Mtakwa

Session IV: Measuring the Impact of Climate Change on Agronomic Productivity

    Keynote Speaker: Jennifer Olson
    Panel Presenters: Henry MahooRegis Chikowo Abel Kaaya

Session V: Adapting Traditional Livestock Systems to Changing Climate and Preserving Biodiversity
    Keynote Speaker: Daniel Mushi
    Panel Presenters: Adugna Tolera • Alberto BernuesFanny Chigwa

Session VI: Climate Change and Crop Yield

    Keynote Speaker: Ephraim Joseph Mtengeti
    Panel Presenters: Charles K. Gachene • Jens AuneObed I. Lungu

Session VII: Nutrient and Water Management for Soil Carbon Sequestration

    Keynote Speaker: Bal Ram Singh
    Panel Presenters: Aweke Gelaw • Tor-Gunar Vagen • Patrick Aina

Session VIII: Smallholder Adaptation to Climate Change

    Keynote Speaker: Amon Z. Mattee
    Panel Presenters: Gry Synnevåg Method Kilasaraa • Jesse Naab

Session IX: Human Dimensions of Terrestrial Carbon Management: Gender, Socio-economic Factors

    Keynote Speaker: Evelyne Lazaro
    Panel Presenters: Keith MooreCarolyne Nombo • Cornelia Flora

Session X: Rehabilitation of Degraded Lands through Forestry and Agro-forestry

    Keynote Speaker: Dennis Garrity
    Panel Presenters: Birger Solberg • Mateugue DiackGabou Habibou

Session XI: Economic and Policy Innovations for Carbon Sequestration

    Keynote Speaker: Ephraim Nkonya
    Panel Presenters: Felister Mombo • Francis MulanguAlbert Honlonkou

Session XII: Summary of All Sessions

Recommendations from Special Committee


iAGRI’s Project Director, Prof. David Kraybill having word with the speaker of the National Assembly of Tanzania honorable Job Ndugai at the STAKEHOLDERS STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS CONFERENCE & EXHIBITION'' at SUA with the theme “INVESTING IN AGRICULTURE RESEARCH AND INNOVATION CLUSTERS: A PATHWAY TO INDUSTRIALIZATION IN TANZANIA ... See MoreSee Less

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