Innovation Coaching

Innovation Coaching

Guided coaching is aimed in providing practical tools and support to help innovators explore new directions, unlock their potential, increase adaptation and develop the talent and capability by pairing them with a more skilled or experienced person in the same field. Coaching will be done on need basis and conducted in person or virtually by phone or internet.

The Innovation Portfolio provides two types of coaching:

  • One-On-One coaching- To coach each innovator member one at a time
  • Group Coaching: Support members to coach each other( a peer coaching group) based on their need.

Criteria for Selection of Potential Innovators

Innovation Portfolio is looking for great ideas for new products that could be commercialized. The following are the criteria of the great ideas we are targeting:

  1. Idea targeting to solve problems (existing or potential)
  2. Affordable, practical and using local materials?
  3. Technically feasible?
  4. Potential for monetary value
  5. Acceptable by target user
  6. Potential to create employment
  7. Potential to become engine of economic growth

“Turning challenges into opportunities.”