Innovation Portfolio


Product Development Services

We are providing solutions to customer’s problems through developing, designing and delivering affordable and simple products (goods) which may include new products, improved technical specifications, quality improvements or inclusion of a new component to enhance agricultural productivity.

Potential investors/sponsors from the private, public, and voluntary sectors may search the portfolio for products of interest. Researchers submit Preliminary Statements of Work (Pre-SOWs) that may be considered singularly or in combination as a set of interrelated projects that better leverage the investments of one or more funders/sponsors. When investors/sponsors show interest in particular innovation product in the portfolio entries, negotiation of a formal Statement of Work (SOW) or contract that specifies terms and conditions for one or a combination of sponsored research projects or business cases is undertaken. On the other hand investors are encouraged to request for specific product development needs. SUA researchers will quickly customize, design to meet specific company requirements.

Excited  about  these possibilities?

If you own ideas about innovation contact the Innovation Portfolio Manager at:

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