Cassava Market Research Study

The Challenge

AGCO seeks to have a more thorough prospectus about cassava that can inform internal business decisions and actions on cassava mechanization in Tanzania and Zambia.

The Solution

Cassava is a staple commodity that trades predominantly within domestic markets as food for human consumption, feedstock for animals and livestock, raw material for bio-energy production, and starch for industrial products. While cassava production continues to increase throughout the southern hemisphere, it will be particularly the case within the countries of Africa where demographic projections indicate the highest percentage of population growth will occur across this century.

Market understanding and general introduction / overview about global opportunity spaces for cassava in terms of climate, soil conditions, crop portfolios, agricultural practices, and distribution with more detailed information about Africa, in general, and East Africa, specifically.  MEMES, an Ag consulting firm, on behalf of US Big Ag, conducted an investigative study of the global market for cassava with particular focus on market opportunities for US Big Ag in support of cassava production in Africa.

The Impact

Although cassava production has not been a traditional market served by US Big Ag solutions, the potential increase in demand for cassava to match population growth scenarios in Africa and especially Tanzania may present an attractive alternative. Targeting cassava value chain for human and animal consumption as well as bio-fuel and industrial applications in Tanzania may open a new market.

Costs/Affordability in Sales Market

The cost of the market study was modest. Key Deliverables included:  White paper summary, Power Point presentation and facilitated discussion covering key points: overview and analysis of existing mechanization and post-harvest tools used in cassava production, market study about cassava mechanization, cost-benefit analysis of machinery vs. labor, business model assessment for cassava mechanization, and open discussion for possibilities in subsequent phases and next steps.


Innovator: G. Rwegasira
University: SUA
Department: Crop Science
Partner: AGCO/Memes


Professional & Technical Services
Crop Science


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