From Lab to Farm

From Lab to Farm

The Innovative Agricultural Research Initiative (iAGRI) develops innovative solutions and technologies aimed at improving food security and nutrition in Tanzania through two pathways. The first is through scaling up with work by long-term training participants by connecting promising student prototypes to SMEs, testing and developing them into products aimed at meeting the needs of the end-users – smallholder farmers in Tanzania. The second is through the iAGRI Collaborative Research projects around eight research priorities. These innovations are then tested, developed, and released to the market through an idea incubator at iAGRI, the Innovation Portfolio.

The Innovation Portfolio is a platform that acts as a facilitator to bring those who represent the demand and supply sides of agricultural applied science, by interacting with private companies, Governmental and non-governmental organizations, to identify their technology needs and match them with research teams at SUA, ideas developed by students, and iAGRI sponsored research projects. In the following, we highlight some of the prototypes that have been developed, tested, or introduced to markets through iAGRI funding.

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May 19, 2016