iAGRI hosts five day workshop on Hydrological Modelling

iAGRI hosts five day workshop on Hydrological Modelling

During the month of November the Innovative Agriculture Research Initiative (iAGRI) hosted Prof. Conrad D. Heatwole from Biological Systems Engineering Department Virginia Tech, an adviser to Dr. Winfred Mbungu from Department of Engineering Science and Technology at (SUA) and Dr. Young Gu Her from University of Florida, and conducted a five days workshop on Hydrological Modelling.

The workshop intended to build capacity for the WAMI –RUVU Basin staffs and SUA faculty, staffs and graduate students to manage water resources, through the use of advanced technology in the modern era.

According to Dr. Winfred Mbungu former, an iAGRI sponsored student and coordinator from the Department of Engineering Science and Technology SUA says ‘”the workshop was organized in way that trainees are exposed to method of data preparation, processing and analysis and finally they use them to build the model. The model was built using local data and potentially to be able to be used for decision making for water allocation and management in the basin, we believe after the data challenge and five of the model it can be used for guiding decision for Water resources management” he added.

“The knowledge acquired by attendees in application of hydrological models in Water resources management will be utilized effectively in order to quantify effects of land use and climate change on water budget (ground water recharge) and flood generation.’’ Prof. Heatwole.

Training to enhance teaching capacity and outreach performance of SUA and the research performance has been one of the core activity engineered by iAGRI in collaboration with SUA initially to address cross- cutting development issues that makes a significant contribution to addressing food security in Tanzania.