Improving Rural Outreach Capacity in Tanzania

Improving Rural Outreach Capacity in Tanzania

The Ohio State University in collaboration with Sokoine University set up five days workshop for tutors from MATI Ilonga and MATI Katrin. The workshop intended to improve training that is provided to the trainers of extension agents at the MATI’s agricultural Technical Institutes in Tanzania. During the training, teaching methods were revised so that it can better reflect the changing needs of Tanzania’s agriculture and improve the performance and employability of its graduates.

About thirty tutors participated in reviewing teaching methods. The facilitators of the workshop were Dr. Mary Rodriguez and Dr. Tracy Kitchel from (OSU) and Dr. E. Rwambari an IAGRI training specialist, and  staff of   SUA, Department of Agricultural Extension and Community Development.

This is the impetus for ongoing  project led by the Office of International Programs in Agriculture (IPA), working in conjunction with other faculty in Ohio State’s College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) as well as  SUA’s Department of Agricultural Extension and Community Development,

Formally the project, was entitled “Improving Rural Outreach Capacity in Tanzania: A Pilot Curriculum Reform Initiative to Increase Relevance of Trainer Training”, is partially funded by a 2016 Impact Grant from the Office of Outreach and Engagement at Ohio State.

It serves as a pilot study centered on one MATI in particular – Ilonga. Ilonga is a MATI located in the Kilosa district, approximately 100 km west of Morogoro where the SUA campus resides.