Learning on how to write a quality scientific papers

Learning on how to write a quality scientific papers

About thirty four mentees who are member of academic staff from different faculties at SUA, recently participated in one day seminar on scientific writing .The seminar was designed to give mentees the skills necessary on how to write a thesis and also to prepare other professional materials for presentation and publication.

During the  seminar other  topics covered included searching the scientific literature, scientific writing style,  proposals, projects, preparing scientific presentations, presentation of data using visual aids ,using word processing, spreadsheet and presentation software.

According to Prof. Carolyne Nombo who is coordinating the formal mentoring program that helps young staff at SUA,and Gender Specialist for iAGRI stated ‘’keeping records is pretty easy to do, publishing scientific papers can be really difficult, and especially for young researchers who are just beginning to discover the world of scientific publications,’’

‘’Conducting regular training like this for the young scientists researchers will help them to publish the results obtained from their studies in different scientific journals, therefore learning on how to write a quality scientific paper is consequently a key factor in a scientist’s career path, and it can also make science accessible to audiences that traditionally have been excluded from the process of science,’’ she explained.

Through the Ohio State University Consortium, iAGRI has been able to provide and support training component to boost the research, teaching, and outreach performance of SUA and the research performance of NARS. Training would help to address cross-cutting development themes.



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February 21, 2017