Sorghum and Millet Non-Alcoholic Clear Malt Beverage

The Challenge

Commercialization and industrialization of traditional cereals such as sorghum and millet has been limited due to poor, quality, safety and short-shelf life.

The Solution

Malting and extrusion technologies will lead to diversification of products such as quality malt and clear –malt drink of sorghum and millet through product value addition will enhance commercialization, diversification and industrialization. Commercialization of sorghum and millet based non-alcoholic beverages have been reported in few African countries. In East Africa region, malted barley based non-alcoholic like Malta and Alvaro are popular. However, such clear malt drinks are made from barley that is mostly imported. Thus the products are expensive and viewed as exotic and contain gluten which may affect people sensitive to gluten. This indicates that, well processed, packaged and shelf stable based “clear malt drink” with characteristics such as being non-alcoholic, sweet flavorful, nutritious, and safe can have a wider potential in the East Africa region.

The Impact

The use of quality malt clear malt beverage will promote increased sorghum and millet utilization, increased income of smallholder farmers and consequently improved livelihoods of the rural poor. Furthermore, productions of non-alcoholic clear malt beverages have many nutritional benefits than conventional commercial non-alcoholic beverages such as soft drinks. These alcoholic beverages are widely consumed and are sources of income generation to alleviate poverty and improve livelihoods of all the actors along the commodity value chain.

Costs/Affordability in Sales Market

Wide consumption of improved malt-based products will create market demand for products and hence maximize profits. The availability of raw materials throughout the year will reduce the cost of production and increase consumption.


Innovator: J. Mugula
University: SUA
Department: Food Science
Partner: Banana Investments Ltd


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Food Science


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